Centre for Experimental Social Science (CESS)

Ray Duch is the Director of The Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) which was created by Nuffield College in February, 2008.

Its principal goal is to promote and facilitate experimental research by social scientists at the University of Oxford. Nuffield College has a strong commitment to promoting cross-disciplinary scholarship in the social sciences and it sees this experimental initiative as making a major contribution to this mandate.

In order to accomplish this goal the CESS has three major components: experimental lab facilities; a fellowship and post-doc programme; and regular seminars and workshops.

The Centre’s Experimental Lab facilities are located at Nuffield College. The laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility with 25 fully partitioned work-stations and a separate experimenter’s office. It is designed to support a wide range of experiments including those in which subjects are entirely separated from other participants; experiments in which subjects interact with each others; and experimental games in which subjects communicate anonymously but in real time.

The laboratory is open for use by both university staff members and other interested parties. It is also available to the undergraduate and graduate student body at University of Oxford. The CESS maintains a subject pool consisting of students from the universities in the Oxford area. In addition, the Centre actively recruits non-student subjects to its pool. The CESS Lab facilities have been operational since October 2008. The facility houses the Centre’s post-docs and research fellows.

Nuffield CESS has collaborated with the University of Santiago and Nankai University to establish research centres in Chile and China respectively. These centres enable collaboration between researchers from all over the world and give them the unique opportunity to conduct experiments with subject pools from three distinct regions: Latin America, Asia and Europe. This global expansion fulfils CESS’s mission to facilitate experimental social science around the world.

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Centre for Experimental Social Science